S01E06 Amazing England

My trip to some of England's sacred sites, Books of shadows, working with Bones, Animism, Cultural appropriation, The witch's garden Shopping locally and Celebrating Christmas.

*Warning: some mild language this episode*
I see how many times I can say Amazing in one podcast, ramble on for a long time about England and forget to mention Stonehenge! 

I talk about my new book of shadows/grimoire well all six of them.

I also chat about christmas and why you don't have to be a pagan grinch :)

I wrap up with a short chat about buying local and here is some more information on that
Shekinah - no webiste but here's how to find them http://bit.ly/shekinaheltham
Esoteric Bookshop - http://www.esotericbookshop.com.au
Southern Cross Oracle - https://www.facebook.com/Southerncrossoracle

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