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Welcome to 2014 I encourage all of you to get involved with your communities and support the pagan businesses that support you!

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Statements from Magazine Editors of Australian pagan magazine & Alternative Spirit:
The Australian Pagan Magazine is 1 year into production and, after a few small hiccups, we are venturing in new directions and now with just 1 designer the flow of the Magazine will hopefully improve. For the first edition of 2014 we are having a pagan music special to welcome our new music writer to the magazine. We have such great articles already submitted, with both new & old themes and there is also now a lot more information on our wonderful natives being used instead of introduced herbs, (Thank you to Kristy & Kerry from Australian Magick for helping.). We now have a new team setup working together,(although some staff have been here since the start), to make the magazine even better. Due to the added interest & contributions from the many wonderful writers, we may also need to look at ways to expand the pages. We also have a wonderful new website; www.theaustralianpaganmagazine.com to bring the magazine to the next level. We are still working on this site to make it better for all to enjoy, but it won't be long until it is done. A big thank you to Kirst for all her wonderful help and expertise in setting this up. Please feel free to contact us if you like, and are interested in, the web design, I will pass on your details to her. A big thank you to Hermit & Cin for jumping in and helping even more too, it's much appreciated. The magazine is written from the heart of it's contributors, sharing a piece of themselves & making it wonderful for us all. We are different from text book style books and magazines out there, as we are writing from our hearts & our own knowledge, after all this is how the old, lost knowledge was passed on. We do this to help people find what they may be looking for and help with awareness & acceptance, while also enjoying the ride, we hope you enjoy it as well. New submissions are always welcome, please send them to; submissions@theaustralianpaganmagazine.com Some of us are also working on other projects, like a pagan based calendar so we can bring you more interesting ideas in the near future. Blessings Judith & the Australian Pagan team

Media Release- “The Alternative Spirit”

The inspiring team responsible for developing other Australian spiritual publications and projects, Alpine Nirvana, would like to announce the launch of their new break away magazine, 'The Alternative Spirit' coming this Autumn 2014.

This new quarterly publication brings with it, many of Alpine Nirvana's original contributors along with new writers, artists and ideas, all coming together to produce an informative resource for the wider Australian spiritual community. It will be available initially as hard copy only, with a PDF downloadable version available at a later release date.

Keeping in mind the humble beginnings, 'The Alternative Spirit' aims to bring a more balanced independent magazine that aids the understanding of alternative living, traditions, history, beliefs and lore. It will cover a variety of philosophical and practical knowledge for anyone who identifies as an 'alternative spirit'. Submissions for consideration are always open for authors, aspiring writers, poets, musicians, artists and photographers, with the next editions closing date 24th January 2014. There is still plenty of time to get your contribution in.

This first edition of 'The Alternative Spirit' is currently in production and is already shaping up to become a competitive challenger to the publication scene with articles by confirmed contributors-

Tina Georgitsis- discusses the tradition of Hekate and ritual practice Angela p genders- provides insight into European witchcraft traditions and celebrations Emm Jay- takes a look at Vodu (voodoo) and conjure powders Shane Gray- explores the Eastern concepts of Samsara and everyday life Anne – introduces us to the basics of naturopathy with an article on flower essences Jayson- talks about bird feathers, their symbolism and use Rosalie, from 'Grove of the Wild Stars'- takes us on a journey with a wonderful fiction piece

+ new regular features by Alpine Nirvana and more writers, artists and photographers still being confirmed for inclusion in The Alternative Spirit, Autumn edition.

Regards, Chief editor of The Alternative Spirit Karli

Email for all submissions and advertising opportunities: alpine_nirvana@yahoo.com.au OR contact us via Facebook- “The Alternative Spirit Magazine” “Alpine Nirvana”

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